RELAXATION or SWEDISH     This technique promotes relaxation and eases muscle tension.  
  60 Minutes $90 -- 90 Minutes $135  
DEEP TISSUE     This modality focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. It is especially helpful for individuals chronic aches and pains.  
  60 Minutes $100 -- 90 Minutes $145  
CUPPING WITH YAN     This Ancient Chinese Art Of Fire Cupping is Performed by Yan. She is certified in this technique and Oriental Modalities. Cupping loosens muscles, encourages blood flow, and sedates the nervous system (Which makes this a highly effective treatment for high blood pressure). Other benefits include; back and neck pain relief, anxiety, fatigue, and migraines. Just to name a few.  
  90 Minutes $160  
GUIDED MEDITATION MASSAGE    Take a temporary journey outside of yourself and allow the stressors in your life to disappear. 30 minutes of calming and uplifting guided meditation, followed by 30 minutes of self-reflection. All incorporated with one hour of relaxing and rejuvenating massage. Block out hectic outside stimuli from today’s world and allow yourself this ultimate self-care treatment! Aroma therapy included with session. *there is no talking recommended during this session,unless to communicate about pressure etc.  
  60 Minutes $95  
COUPLES MASSAGE     The perfect get away, date night, or gift for any couple! Sharing such a relaxing and memorable experience enables opportunity for connecting and bonding with your partner in a unique and meaningful way. There is a complimentary sauna session and beverage for two included with with your experience.  
  60 Minutes $180 -- 90 Minutes $260.00  
LOMI~LOMI (HAWAIIAN MODALITY)    Close your eyes and listen to the waves of the sea during this session. Release everything that is a burden to you and give it back to the universe. She understands.  
  60 Minutes $95  
INFRARED SAUNA    30 Minutes $40  
 ION FOOT DETOX   30 Minutes $40